THAW Toe Warmers

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The disposable heat pads from Thaw are the perfect companion for occasional winter rides on your motorcycle. If the motorcycle is only used occasionally in winter and the purchase of heated motorcycle clothing is out of the question, these heat pads are a good solution for warm feet.

Thanks to the space-saving packaging, the heat pads can be easily stowed in the tank bag and, thanks to their durability of over 12 months, can also be used for a longer period of time.

The heat pads reach a temperature of approx. 57 degrees and maintain this for a good 7 hours. The odorless pads are activated by air contact and are therefore ready for use immediately and anywhere.

  • 7+ hours of safe natural heat
  • Warms to 135⁰F / 57⁰C
  • Adhesive backing keeps in place
  • Air-activated
  • Ready-to-use