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Our company Motorrad Venture MV GmbH was founded in 2017 by Louis, a Frenchman, motorcycle enthousiast and avid traveller. We opened our store in March 2020, which was the best year ever to start a store, wasn'it? You know what? We made it! Thanks to our local community, our shop was a success from day one.

We are focussing on very high quality brands, such as Klim, Enduristan, Keis, Wild Ass, Artonvel, SteelCore, Desert Fox, Leatherman, MoraKniv, Primus, and a few more. Our goal is to equip motorcycle riders with the best equipment ever. Life is short, we want to enjoy every minute on our motorcycle!

We are now a whole petrolhead team, based in Hessen, Germany. You can meet us every day in our brick and mortar store in Hüttenberg, with appointment only! We want to have time for you and answer all your questions. 

Motorrad Venture MV GmbH
Heidestrasse 4
35625 Hüttenberg

+49 170 44 75 945

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