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The S102 is a discontinued model, so only a few sizes are still available online. Please note that the sizes that are not available can no longer be reordered and are therefore no longer for sale.


With these heated shoe insoles you will never get cold feet again! The shoe soles can be inserted into any type of shoe. They are designed to be tailored to your unique foot size and shape at the toe. In this way, Keis ensures easy adjustment to your boots.

The heat is optimally distributed over the entire surface of the sole of the foot and ensures improved blood circulation on cold days. Whether you're on a motorbike, fishing from the bank, horseback riding or skiing, our shoe soles will keep your feet warm.

Thanks to dual-power technology, the heated shoe insole is powered either by a compact lithium-ion battery or by the 12V vehicle battery on the motorcycle. The connection cable in the shape of a "Y" goes along the legs and connects the shoe insoles to the power source (battery or vehicle battery).


1. Powered by a compact Lithium Li-ion battery

If you want to power your shoe sole with a compact Lithium Li-ion battery, add the battery to the shopping cart separately.

2. Powered by vehicle battery

If you want to power your shoe insole from a vehicle battery, you have several options to choose from. On the one hand via the supplied 12V vehicle battery cable, which is connected directly to the vehicle battery. On the other hand via the 12V cigarette lighter cable, which is to be connected to the vehicle's cigarette socket. You can add this cigarette lighter cable to the shopping cart separately.

Further connection options to the vehicle battery are available in the "Accessories" section.


The heated shoe insoles can be connected to a power source (rechargeable battery or vehicle battery, as described above) as well as to other Keis products. In the jackets and waistcoats from Keis, additional connections are integrated at hip height. The long underpants by Keis, on the other hand, have connections at the level of the ankles. By connecting the heated products together, you can use a single main power source for the entire Keis heated outfit.


  • 1 pair of heated shoe soles S102
  • 1 12V vehicle battery cable
  • 1 "Y" connection cable
  • 1 instruction manual


  • Micro-honeycomb technology for optimal comfort and absolute reliability
  • Polyurethane foam with molded heels
  • Dual power technology for power supply
  • Current 1.3A, power 15W


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Ilkka Kukkonen

Keis - S102 - Heated Boot Insoles

Thanks for your feedback Ilkka! Stay warm :)