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The Keis V501RP heated vest redefines the heated clothing sector. Thanks to the heat-conducting micro-carbon fibers woven into the inner lining, the heat emitted by the heating elements is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the vest.

This men's vest is the result of many years of development and optimization and is the most comfortable Keis has ever made.

No more layering needed - The premium heated vest V501RP is worn close to the torso over a long breathable layer. On top of that comes the desired weather-resistant outer layer. The thin, heated vest replaces all the usual intermediate layers that restrict movement, such as sweaters. The heatable vest is breathable and transports moisture to the outside through its inner membrane, the outer material of the vest is windproof.

Thanks to the integrated micro-carbon fibers, the heat generated by the heating elements is distributed evenly over the entire vest, keeping the entire upper body warm. There are a total of 3 heating elements integrated into the vest. One sits over the kidneys. Two heating elements are attached at the front over the chest.

Setting the heating levels via the controller - With the small heating level controller (included in this complete package), you can switch the heating elements on and off at the push of a button and choose between 3 levels of heat intensity. The performance of the battery is also checked in this way.

The premium heated vest V501RP has an elegant and simple appearance in a black and red design. The vest has 3 outside pockets.

Thanks to the dual-power technology, the heated vest is either operated directly from the motorcycle battery or with a compact 5.2A lithium battery.

For use on the motorcycle, it is possible to connect the premium V501RP heated vest to the motorcycle through the 12V vehicle battery cable (included in this complete package) without using the lithium Li-ion battery for the heating power. Other connection cables are: cigarette lighter cable, power supply cable SAE or KET (Please contact us at order(at)

In addition to charging via the vehicle battery, it is possible to operate the heated vest V501RP with a compact lithium li-ion battery. The compact Lithium Li-ion battery is available separately, please add it to the shopping cart! It has a capacity of 5.2A, an integrated USB slot and can be used as a charging station for other devices with a USB port, similar to a power bank. The compact battery with a weight of 360 grams can be easily stowed away in the pocket provided on the inside of the heated vest. In operation, the battery usually keeps the heating elements of the vest warm for 3-9 hours, depending on the manual regulation of the heating intensity (3 levels) and the cold outside. When the battery is shaken, the four integrated LED diodes in the battery indicate how much battery capacity is left.

The Premium V501RP Heated Vest comes with a lifetime warranty on all heating elements. We keep our word!


  • 1 heated premium vest V501RP
  • 1 12V vehicle battery cable
  • 1 heat level controller
  • 1 instruction manual


  • Ice-stitched micro-carbon fibers throughout inner lining
  • Soft, breathable and windproof material
  • Elastic side inserts enable body-hugging comfort
  • Unisex
  • 3 outside pockets
  • 3 heating elements
  • Dual power technology for power supply
  • Design: black-red
  • Current 1.5 A, power 18W


Measure your chest and choose the size of the product you want from the size chart. If you cannot decide between two sizes, we strongly recommend that you select the larger of the two sizes. For an optimal warming effect, the jacket should still fit snugly on the body. The flexible side elements provide enough play for unrestricted movement thanks to a stretch effect.

Example: your chest circumference is 103 cm, you use the chest circumference of 105 cm as a guide. The right size for you is an M model.

If you are not satisfied with your selected size of the product, we will of course enable you to exchange it without any problems and free of charge to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. For all other countries, DPD/DHL delivery costs will apply. 

In this case, simply send us an email with all the necessary information, and we will contact you back shortly. 

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