Quad Lock MAG Universal Adaptor

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You want to attach your smartphone to a Quad Lock mount, but there is no dedicated case? then a Quad Lock MAG Universal Adaptor with the secure locking mechanism is recommended.

This adaptor is compatible with all Quad Lock mounts and can be glued to smartphones, phones, cases as well as most flat metal or plastic surfaces.

It is compatible with Quad Lock MAG standard heads and Quad Lock rotating and locking mounts. Integrated magnets makes mounting your smartphone even more convenient, position your device on the mount and the magnets do the rest. At only 5mm and 5.3mm thick, the Quad Lock MAG universal adapter fits seamlessly on the back of smartphones and cases.

  • slim profile (5.3 mm thick)
  • durable and robust composite construction
  • 3M VHB adhesive, adheres to flat and slightly curved surfaces, plastics (such as PC, ABS, PVC, nylon, acrylic), unpainted metals and uncoated glass
  • compatible with Quad Lock Original rotating and locking mounts
  • compatible with Quad Lock MAG head
  • 60 mm wide and 60 mm high

Good to know: The 3M adhesive will not adhere to rubber, TPU, TPE, leather, silicone, hydrophobic coated glass (aka anti-fingerprint glass found on the back of most modern smartphones), soft touch coatings or paints, low surface energy plastics such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), acetal, HDPE and Wood.