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These G801 leisure gloves come with a lithium battery pack of two 4A batteries (total).

The Keis G801 heated leisure gloves redefine the field of heated outdoor clothing.

Warning: these leisure gloves are not suitable for motorcycling! We have four other CE-tested models on offer for this purpose.


The model is made up of 4 layers: the outer protective layer, a Hipora membrane, the insulating layer and the integrated heating system, and a thin inner fleece layer that rounds it all off.

1. Protective layer

The outer protective layer of the leisure gloves is made of nylon. In addition, nylon inserts are placed in the places where you need the most freedom of movement. A wrist strap also ensures a reliable hold.

2. Waterproof membrane

The second layer is the Hipora membrane, which is directly connected to the protective layer and thus leaves no gap for wet and cold. The membrane is waterproof and breathable.

3. Insulation layer

The insulation layer, consisting of 3M Thinsulate, forms the third layer. Due to its extremely thin design, it ensures that the sensitivity and fine motor skills of all hand movements remain and are not restricted by thick layers.

4. Heating system

The heating system is integrated into the fourth layer. Rounded off by a last inner fleece layer, it envelops the hands and ensures reliable heat supply, which spreads over the entire surface of the hand to the fingertips. This enables optimal heat distribution throughout the hand and improved blood circulation. With these gloves you will never get cold hands again!

The heat is regulated by the snaps on the outer layer and can be set to one of 3 heat levels. The gloves are each separately adjustable. The push button also serves as an on/off button.

The gloves are constructed in such a way that the inner lining remains reliably inside the glove, even when wet, and cannot be pulled out when the glove is taken off.


These leisure gloves are powered by the supplied two 4A lithium battery packs for gloves.

This battery pack consists of two small batteries, each delivering 2A. Each battery is placed in the designated pocket of the respective glove and connected to the existing connection next to the pocket. This solution enables wireless freedom of movement. The batteries ensure a power supply for up to three hours, depending on the outside temperature and the set heat level.

If you would like to order a second battery pack, please add the 4A battery pack separately to the shopping cart.


The G801 heated gloves can be connected directly to a power source (battery pack in the case) or combined with the Keis jacket (power connector integrated in the sleeves) or the Keis vest (power connector integrated in the armpit area). The coupling makes it possible to run the heatable products from a single main power source.

No additional cable is required for the jacket, as the cables are integrated in the sleeves. However, for the vest you will need a separate pair of connection cables.

Bonus: If you order a vest and a pair of undergloves in one, we will give you the pair of connection cables that connect the gloves directly to the vest for free.


  • 1 pair of heated leisure gloves G801
  • 1 battery pack of 2 lithium batteries 4A with an EU charging cable (DE+AU+CH)
  • 1 instruction manual in German


  • Outer layer is made of nylon
  • Waterproof and breathable Hipora membrane
  • Thinsulate insulation layer
  • Heating system over the entire surface of the hand to the fingertips
  • Comfortable fit
  • Current 1.6A, power 19.2W


Measure the circumference of your palm in the area above the thumb and below the fingers (as shown in the picture). Then select the size that applies to you from the table.

If you are not satisfied with your selected size of the product, we will of course enable you to exchange it without any problems and free of charge to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. For all other countries, DPD/DHL delivery costs will apply. 

In this case, simply send us an email with all the necessary information, and we will contact you back shortly. 


3XS -15CM
2XS 15-17CM
XS 17-20CM
S 20-23CM
M 23-25CM
L 25-28CM
XL 28-30CM
2XL 30-32CM
3XL 32CM+

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