Keis heated pants and socks - How do they work?

Keis heated pants and socks - How do they work?

Our Keis T103RP heated pants complement our heated jackets and keep thighs warm.

Our S302 heated socks keep feet warm.


T103RP pants are worn as a mid-layer under motorcycle pants. They can be worn next to the skin or over very close-fitting tights.

S302 socks are worn over a pair of thin sockettes to avoid direct contact with the skin.


For pants, the temperature can be set to one of three heating levels using the temperature controller. This temperature controller is available here as a spare part. A long press on the central button switches on the pantyhose. A short press changes the heating level. A further long press turns the pantyhose off.

For socks, it's not possible to regulate the temperature. This is not a problem, as the heated surface is very small, namely the soles of the feet.



1. Motorcycle battery power supply

The easiest way to supply power is via the motorcycle's 12V battery. Like all Keis heated garments, the tights come with a battery connection cable. This is the easiest and safest way to power your jacket, gloves or heated pants. The cable simply plugs into the motorcycle battery. The other end of the cable should protrude in front of the rider, between the saddle and the fuel tank. The battery connection cable is available here as a spare part.

Other connection cables are available as accessories (cigarette lighter, KET, SAE, etc.).

With its exceptional heating power of 39W, the T103RP is ideal for use on motorcycles, snowmobiles, quads, SSVs, convertibles and construction machinery.

Thanks to the Y-cable supplied with the socks, they can also be powered by the motorcycle battery by running the cable up each leg.

2. Powered by a Keis jacket or vest

The pants can be plugged directly into the vehicle's battery, but also into the connectors of a Keis jacket or vest, enabling you to power all your Keis garments from a single socket. Keis vests and jackets feature an integrated female connector on the left hip, into which the cable from the pants, located in the same place, is plugged. In this way, the pants are supplied with power from the Keis jacket or vest.

If there are no heated pants, the Y-shaped sock cable can also be connected directly to the jacket or vest socket.

3. Power supply via pants

Each sock can be connected to the pants to receive its power supply.