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The gloves are supplied with the vehicle battery cable but no battery. The following text describes these various possible solutions in detail. If you want to purchase the batteries, please add them separately to the shopping cart:

The Keis G701S heated motorcycle gloves are a new product for the 2022/2023 winter season. They complement our range of gloves and are identical in construction to our bestseller G701 but with a shorter shaft. This short shaft makes it easier to put on and is tucked under the sleeve of the jacket. So that the rain cannot run into the glove from above. As a passionate motorcyclist, these gloves give you the opportunity to turn winter, with its icy temperatures, into motorcycling season.

Not only are these motorcycle gloves heated, they are also Armored CE approved and comply with the latest PPE Directive EN 13594:2015.


The model is composed of 4 layers: The outer protective layer, a Hipora membrane, the insulation layer and the integrated heating system, as well as a thin fleece layer that rounds it all off.

1. CE approved protective layer

The outer layer of motorcycle gloves is the necessary protective layer. It is made from a ballistic nylon-spandex blend. The ballistic nylon is strong and durable: especially in the event of a fall, it is extremely resistant and abrasion-resistant. In addition, the elastic fibers of the spandex offer a high level of comfort and freedom of movement.

A hard-shell knuckle guard offers optimal security for the hands. In addition, a rubberized shock absorber is embedded in the outer material on the index, middle and ring fingers. On the inside there is a massive ball protection made of hard plastic.

Strong double stitching, which holds the materials together, increases the protection of the gloves. There are also two options for a reliable hold. On the one hand, the glove is fixed at wrist height with a Velcro strap and, on the other hand, a zipper ensures an exact transition between sleeve and glove.

The palms are made of sustainable and visually appealing artificial leather and guarantee a non-slip grip on the handlebars. Additional grip is obtained through an application of non-slip material in the grip area and on the index, middle and ring fingers for actuating the lever.

Operate the touchscreen without taking off your gloves! This is possible thanks to a display-sensitive membrane on the index finger and thumb.

2. Waterproof membrane

The second layer is the Hipora membrane, which is directly connected to the protective layer and thus leaves no gap for wet and cold. The membrane is waterproof and breathable.

3. Insulation layer

The insulation layer, consisting of 3M Thinsulate, forms the third layer. Due to its extremely thin design, it ensures that the sensitivity and fine motor skills of all hand movements remain and are not restricted by thick layers.

4. Heating system

The heating system is integrated into the fourth layer. Finished with a final layer of fleece, it envelops the hands and provides reliable warmth that spreads across the entire surface of the hand to the fingertips. The heat is regulated by the snaps on the outer layer and can be set to one of 3 heat levels. The gloves are each separately adjustable. The push button also serves as an on/off button.

The motorcycle gloves are constructed in such a way that the inner lining remains reliably inside the glove, even when it is wet, and cannot be pulled out when you take it off. They were developed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists.

The G701S motorcycle gloves are designed with thermal technology that warms the entire upper palm to the fingertips. This enables optimal heat distribution throughout the hand and improved blood circulation. With these motorcycle gloves you will never get cold hands again!


Thanks to the dual-power technology, there are three power supply options. These would be:

1. Powered by vehicle battery

If you want to power your motorcycle gloves from a vehicle battery, you have several options to choose from.

On the one hand, charging via the supplied 12V vehicle battery cable in the form of a "Y", which is connected directly to the vehicle battery.

On the other hand with one of the following cable options: 12V cigarette lighter cable, KET connection, SAE connection (please contact us at order(at)

2. Power supply by the two lithium battery pack 4A for gloves

Due to the shorter shaft, a power supply with this 4A battery pack is no longer possible.

3. Powered by a compact Lithium Li-ion 5.2A battery

Please add the 5.2A battery separately in the shopping cart.

This battery powers both gloves at the same time. It is connected to a "Y" cable which runs through both sleeves to the gloves and is connected there. The battery is stowed either in a jacket pocket or in the belt pouch supplied. The battery guarantees a power supply for up to six hours, depending on the outside temperature and the set heat level.

The "Y" cable is always supplied with each pair of gloves. It is required for the power supply from the 5.2A battery or from the vehicle battery.


4. Further power supply

The heated G701S motorcycle gloves can be connected directly to a power source (battery or vehicle battery) or combined with the Keis jacket (power connection integrated in the sleeves) or the Keis vest (power connection integrated in the armpit area). The coupling makes it possible to run the heatable products from a single main power source. No additional cable is required for the jacket, as the cables are integrated in the sleeves.


However, for the vest you will need a separate pair of connection cables. Please contact us at order(at)

Bonus: If you order a vest and a pair of undergloves in one, we will give you the pair of connection cables that connect the gloves directly to the vest for free.


  • 1 pair of heated motorcycle gloves G701S
  • 1 12V vehicle battery cable
  • 1 "Y" connection cable
  • 1 instruction manual in German



  • Armored CE tested motorcycle gloves comply with the latest PPE directive EN 13594: 2015, Level 1 KP
  • Outer layer is made of ballistic nylon with spandex, synthetic leather
  • Waterproof and breathable Hipora membrane
  • Thinsulate 3M insulation layer
  • Heating system over the entire surface of the hand to the fingertips
  • Comfortable fit
  • Dual power technology for power supply
  • Current 1.6A, power 19.2W


Measure the circumference of your palm in the area above the thumb and below the fingers (as shown in the picture). Then select the size that applies to you from the table.

If you are not satisfied with your selected size of the product, we will of course enable you to exchange it without any problems and free of charge to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. For all other countries, DPD/DHL delivery costs will apply. 

In this case, simply send us an email with all the necessary information, and we will contact you back shortly. 

3XS -15CM
2XS 15-17CM
XS 17-20CM
S 20-23CM
M 23-25CM
L 25-28CM
XL 28-30CM
2XL 30-32CM
3XL 32CM+

Customer Reviews

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Antonio Jajas
Keis G701S short gloves

Gloves fit perfect and give enough heat to lower the temperature in it even if outside is 5 degrees
I used them with Keis heated jacket powered with motorcycle battery
it is very easy to pair it with jacket and does not make any extra time to put it on because of supply cables
You do not need to take them off to use navigator or cellphone because the top of the fingers is very sensitive

Thanks Antonio for your positive feedback :)