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 Discover the range of the Keis gloves, with English subtitles:


With the Keis G102 undergloves, you'll never get cold hands again! The undergloves can be worn under any type of glove. They also work independently of other gloves as a light overcoat on cold days.

The heating elements have a total length of 80cm and run along the outside and inside of the fingers. This enables optimal heat distribution throughout the hand and improved blood circulation.

Whether you're on a motorbike, fishing from the bank, horseback riding or skiing - our under gloves are guaranteed to keep your hands warm.

Thanks to the dual-power technology, the heated undergloves are either powered by a compact lithium-ion battery or by connecting to the 12V vehicle battery of the motorcycle. The connection cable in the form of a "Y" goes along the arms and connects the undergloves to the power source (battery or vehicle battery).


1. Powered by a compact 5.2A Lithium Li-ion battery

If you want to power your undergloves with a compact Lithium Li-ion battery, add the battery to the shopping cart separately.

2. Powered by vehicle battery

If you want to power your undergloves from a vehicle battery, you have several options to choose from. On the one hand, charging via the supplied 12V vehicle battery cable in the form of a "Y", which is connected directly to the vehicle battery. On the other hand with a 12V cigarette lighter cable, which is to be connected to the cigarette socket of the motorcycle. Please contact us at order(at)


The heated undergloves can be connected directly to a power source (battery or vehicle battery) or combined with the Keis jacket (power connection integrated in the sleeves) or the Keis vest (power connection integrated in the armpit area). The coupling makes it possible to run the heatable products from a single main power source.

No additional cable is required for the jacket, as the cables are integrated in the sleeves. However, for the vest you will need a separate pair of connection cables.

Bonus: If you order a vest and a pair of undergloves in one, we will give you the pair of connection cables that connect the gloves directly to the vest for free.


  • 1 pair of heated undergloves G102
  • 1 12V vehicle battery cable
  • 1 "Y" connection cable
  • 1 instruction manual in German


  • Stretch material
  • Dual power technology for power supply
  • Current 1.0A, power 12W


Measure the circumference of your palm in the area above the thumb and below the fingers (as shown in the picture). Then select the size that applies to you from the table.

If you are not satisfied with your selected size of the product, we will of course enable you to exchange it without any problems and free of charge to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. For all other countries, DPD/DHL delivery costs will apply. 

In this case, simply send us an email with all the necessary information, and we will contact you back shortly. 


XS 15-17CM
S 17-20CM
M 20-23CM
L 23-25CM
XL 25-28CM

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