Artonvel Leg Bag Aviator

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Because vintage still has a place of choice in our dressing room, the Aviator leg bag stands out with its finishes.
The choice of quality materials gives it its unique character for all gentlemen.

The leg bag Artonvel Aviator is the most refined model, it subtly combines innovation and vintage style for you to ride in total relaxation.

This leg bag for biker is doing on the outside top of the right thigh, two adjustable straps at the waist indeed guarantee a maintenance and optimum safety.

On first use, adjust the straps according to your body and the height at which you want to wear it. Remember to pass the upper closure of the clip to the waistband of your trousers to the leg bag does not slip down. Once these settings are made, your Artonvel leg bag stays put for future use.

The leg bag Artonvel Aviator made of high quality materials, durable and waterproof for everyday use and in all conditions, find its characteristics bellow:

  • Full-grain cowhide leather and vintage suede
  • Interior fabric waterproof from the outside
  • Straps adjustable for adjustment of the leg and the waist (FR) 36-64
  • Aeronautical earrings and accessories custom designed by the French company Dorlet
  • Metallic outer ring to hook it a keychain, an accessory, etc.
  • Zipper and slider YKK
  • Internal padded compartment for smartphone or tablet to 7pouces
  • Cable outlet waterproof
  • Integrated bottle opener in the closed loop
  • Pocket size: width 160mm - 220mm height - thickness 35mm