Today, Stylmartin is one of the world’s most ambitious companies in the field of motorcycle footwear. The brand owes its rebirth to Antis, a company founded in 1970 in the heart of the Montebelluna sports footwear district. Antonio Binotto, the founder of the company, acquired the historic Stylmartin trademark in 2007, updating it and bringing it back to life. The company uses only fine leathers, with characteristic shades and imperfections that make them distinctive. In fact, the slight variations in colour due to time and wear, or the light scratches, make these leathers authentic and beautiful, so that each product is unique and inimitable. Assembling a shoe is a pivotal moment in defining Stylmartin quality. This is why the company has chosen to produce all of its footwear in Europe, thus ensuring excellence in both aesthetics and manufacturing. Stylmartin also pays great attention to certification, which guarantees not only the excellence of its footwear but, above all, their compliance with European regulations on safety devices. This certification is issued by accredited bodies after passing strict tests that guarantee the absolute suitability of its products, ensuring high protection standards.