Keis' founder and managing director, David Gath, was a trailblazer in the world of heated kit, responsible for the hugely successful Snug Glove heated inners back in the 1990s – all made by a team of talented women working from their homes. Since then, the technology David helped pioneer has come a long way – and the manufacturing process has moved on from those early days in suburban kitchens – but he remains at the forefront of this ever-evolving field, heading up Keis, the UK’s No. 1 brand of heated apparel. All Keis Heated Apparel is designed in the UK, with the company based in Hampshire, England. Their heating systems provide the ultimate in flexibility, strength and reliability and have all a lifetime guarantee. All Keis heated garments are designed to be powered by 12V. This has the power to deliver and is 100% compatible with a motorcycle battery power outlet. Many of their heated garments also have pockets designed to carry the optional Keis portable batteries, so you can stay warm and safe, both on and off your bike. Also, the heated motorcycle gloves are certified to the very latest European standard EN 13594:2015 so you can be confident they’ll keep you protected on every level.