Klim Krios Pro Cheek Pads

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Klim Krios and Krios Pro Cheek Pads.

The cheek pads are the right and left side padding inside the helmet.

The Krios and Krios Pro have two sizes of outer shell.

The small one covers sizes from XS to M.

The big one covers sizes from L to 3XL. 

The size M+ is one size larger than M and fits into the small outer shell. This is the larger size available for the small outer shell.

The size L- is one size smaller than L and fits into the large outer shell. This is the smallest size available for the large outer shell. 

If you don't know your size, please make an appointment and visit our store! We will find the right size for you. 

Available in multiple sizes.

We can install it for you into your Krios or Krios Pro. Contact us!