Side Panel Adventure Kit for Yamaha T700

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Side Panel Adventure Kit for Yamaha Tenere 700

In everyday use, on trips and off-road vehicles, dirt, dust and sand creep between the luggage and the plastics of your motorcycle, contributing over time to making the graphics and paint opaque.

Our protective films, extremely resistant and completely transparent, are functional to protect your motorcycle from scratches and abrasions in the points of contact with bags or other equipment. Each of our kits is already perfectly shaped according to the model of your motorcycle and therefore does not require any cutting or adaptation of the individual films: it can be applied in a simple way to obtain an optimal and lasting result.

The material used is an ultra clear glossy self-adhesive PVC film, 150 µm thick, specially designed and normally used to protect the paint of luxury cars, high-end vehicles and supercars in critical points.