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Perfect for Winter, the heavily insulated G801 Keis Premium Heated Leisure Gloves are designed for a multitude of outdoor activities, and comes with a set of Glove Batteries and a Charger (UK plug, or UK/EU/US plug).

Whatever your winter activity, whether you’re on your horse, out on the mountain skiing or in your hiking boots, you need a heated glove that delivers. And this is it. A special micro carbon fibre heating panel across the back of the gloves and over the top of the fingers guarantees warm, toasty hands, however bitter the weather.



This set includes two 2600 mAh rechargeable Keis Glove Batteries with a UK or Multinational charger (for UK, EU and US plugs)

Keis heated clothing Lifetime warranty
Keis Apparel are designed to be reliable and durable, so much so that you can safely wash your heated garment. All Keis heating elements enjoy a Lifetime Warranty.  


  • Designed for maximum comfort, with improved fit, quality materials, and the latest heat generation technology
  • Independent, integral heat controller, positioned on the back of the wrist for easy operation - whether you prefer to wear your gloves under or over your jacket sleeve cuffs.
  • 141+ grams of (3M) synthetic InsulationTM and Hipora TM for premium, breathable water protection.
  • Pull string with tightener, so you can snugly close the glove cuff securely around your wrist - trapping out cold wind and/or wet weather
  • Current Draw 1.6A. Typical Power 19.2W.
  • Available in sizes XXXS / XXS / XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL 
Voltage: 12V
Approx. Current: 1.6A
Typical Power: 19.2W
Shell: 90% Nylon and 10% Polyurethane
Lining: 100% Polyester


Glove sizes:

- Glove size 5 - XXXS
- Glove size 6 - XXS
- Glove size 7 - XS
- Glove size 8 - S
- Glove size 9 - M
- Glove size 10 - L
- Glove size 11 - XL
- Glove size 12 - XXL

Note: We recommend that you purchase one size larger than your measured glove size, for best comfort.


Please Note: All our Gloves come complete with everything required to power them independently.  However, our Heated Vests and Bodywarmers incorporate integrated power sockets specifically to power Keis Heated Gloves.

Cleaning guidelines:

  • Our recommended method for cleaning both our leather and fabric outer gloves is to wipe the outside of the gloves with a cloth moistened with a solution prepared from S100 Technical Fabric and Leather Wash.
  • Repeat, rinsing and wringing out the cloth regularly in clean solution until the gloves appear clean.
  • Wipe over with a cloth moistened in plain water and allow to dry thoroughly at room temperature.
  • Finally apply S100 reproofing Spray for Fabric and Leather.  We do not recommend immersion in water or washing in a washing machine.


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