Alpina Sport - Multi Function Ball headlamp

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The Multi Function Ball headlamp from ALPINA SPORT is fun: With 100 or only 30 lumens according to ANSI standard (e.g. for reading maps). 

The plastic ball, which is fixed in the holder with a magnet, directs the light to any desired point, leaving your hands free. Chargeable via USB cable, with red signal or flashing function and extra holder for tent poles or bicycle handlebars. The ball itself rolls around brightly and creates exciting effects.

  • Brightness (Ansi) 100/30 (100% / 30%)
  • Lumen Battery type Li-Ion, 3.7 V, 500mA
  • Burn time 2:00 / 4:00 (100% / 30%) h
  • Range 12/5 (100% / 30%) m
  • Weight 66 g

Accessories: Bracket for head, bracket for tube, USB charging cable (Micro-USB)